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'Little Bunny Foo Foo

I don't wanna see you
Scoopin' up the field mice

Bop 'em on the head!

--The Good Fairy

This is huge news where I live in dominionist krakkkerland: Rep. Mark (the Chicken-Hawk)
Souder gets caught with lipstick on his dipstick.
Big deal. Even better: you can watch a
video where his alleged kanoodle cookie “interviews” him about “abstinence education.
(whoops- “removed…”) Too funny. And while this may be the most Schadenfreude fun this neighborhood had
since WJ Bryant fell in the canal, I’m saying: Not. So. Fast. While it is high hoot to see the deflation of
this proselytizing douche bag, he looks like the guy who woke up with the horse’s head. And who the hell is “Tracy Jackson?” Go ahead. YOU try to find out. “Part time,” $12k per year… still “on staff.” “Married” to whom?

It ain’t the money. Who does the doo in DC (or even here in
Duckberg) for $12k a year? Nobody… except maybe spooks… and operatives. Check
out these videos here:
same line of horse-plop, same row of books, same lighting, same outfit. If she’s “…in her mid-40s,” I’m Grandma Moses. And in the other direction, if Souder is “59,” I’m a teeny-bopper sk8ter boi. I’ll be 63 this Fall, folks… and Marko was a year ahead of me in school. Yep, I knew
him “back in the day” when IPFW (aka “Highway High”) was one building. He was a YAFfer… I was a “green-bagger.” A staunch war supporter, he could not go himself for “religious reasons.”

He was also high tweets on “Christian morals,” even back then when it wasn’t so chi-chi.
What was funny back then is dough-boy had the same chance of getting laid as Sherman’s
necktie. Look, I’ve been sick of salami politics since long-before bubba and his stinky cigars. What grown-ups do with their doodles is their business… even if the book-smackers have made it their drooling tool. It’s darker, deeper and more dangerous than bobbing-butt hypocrisy. It’s about global omnicide, neo-feudalism and murder most foul. The people who actually run this husk of a “country” know that, and they don’t care how many billions die. They are busy setting up private fiefdoms all over the world.

Whatever Mark Souder is, he is not stupid. And, he has demonstrated that he is a master
at “compartmentalization.” That’s why he showed no incredulity whatsoever at being a “chicken-hawk.” That makes him a pure ideologue, and that makes him dangerous. He actually believes his own shit. He got too close to the source, and he might get some kind of “message from God” or something. He had to go. This was too quick, too clean and too heavy (like “9/11”). The polished Trojan Mare has probably been dunking doughnut-boy since 2004, the year of the rigged election when
Mordechai Vanunu was released from prison. This was no time to risk some loose creationist canon (pun intended) spilling the soup.

To me, this has set-up written all over it. They need a more cynical car-salesman or
lobbyist to pop the fundamentalist mice. Hare today, goon tomorrow. The Good Fairy has spoken.

We are all going to die.

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