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Preserving the fall harvest, Center for Sustainable Community Canning Kitchen

Here are photos of some of the first fall harvest vegetables that we preserved in the Center for Sustainable Community Canning Kitchen. We started off the season with storing strawberry corn kernels,canning tomatoes, beets, applesauce, BBQ sauce, sweet & sour sauce, chutney, and lots of peach jam. It was the first time that Megan and I had ever canned this much food from a garden. Enjoy the photos and if your ever in the neighborhood give us a call and come join us to share in the harvest!

Table of preserved food 2012

Strawberry Corn Kernels, Tomatoes, Chutney, Sweet & Sour Sauce, BBQ Sauce, Applesauce, & Beets

The Chutney, Sweet & Sour Sauce, and BBQ Sauce are all part of one recipe. With each recipe you preserve half of the ingredients and then add some new ingredients to what is left making a new sauce. Then you preserve half of those ingredients and add some new ones. We will definitely have to find more recipes like this.

Megan labeling this years yield

Megan labeling this years yield

Obtaining a yield is one of the most rewarding permaculture principals. But don’t forget to label your products so that you can keep track of your yield numbers and so that you know the difference between the 20 different jars of tomatoes in your cupboard

Center for Sustainabilibty Canning Kitchen 1-2012

Center for Sustainability Canning Kitchen 1-2012

While most of the preserving we did was in quart jars it really made sense to use half pint jars for the cinnamon peach jam. This was the first time that some of us had ever made jam and it is amazing as to how much sugar goes into a jar of jam. 

Ernest & the Center for Sustainability Canning Kitchen 2-2012

Ernest & the Center for Sustainability Canning Kitchen 2-2012

The canning kitchen is a garage that has been outfitted with a stove, freezer, fridge, and cabinets from a kitchen remodel. It has also been real handy having these nice easy fold tables to place in the middle of the garage as counter top space is probably one of your most valuable resources when preserving food.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post. Feel free to share pictures of the yields from your harvest as comments to this post. It would also be neat to hear of examples of how your community gets together to preserve food as well. 

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Milton has been regularly posting to Facebook some interesting, permaculture-related information.  Here are just a few that were well received and we think you might like to see as well.

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 We do want to take this time to wish you all a wonderful Holiday and Year’s End. 

“Even though the challenges before us seem increasingly complex,
the solutions remain embarrassingly simple.”  

These words by Bill Mollison carry me forward as we walk into an ever changing world.  The point being… there is a way through it all… and each of us can be an agent of creativity, action and peace.  I find this work very much worth doing.

Blessings to you all…. Bill (and Becky) Wilson

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