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I listened to the debate last night and decided that although one or the other will be our next President neither of them deserve to be.  There was no mention at all of sustainability, global warming, or climate change.  There were a few comments about renewable energy but only in the context of energy independence.  Both debaters took fossil fuel energy for granted without even suggesting the damage it is doing to the environment, the atmosphere, and the health of all species.  Where is the leadership on this most urgent of all issues?

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Comment by Ellen on November 30, 2012 at 12:11pm

Many believe we can not   get off the grid, with solar, wind, methane,  harvest, store,  use our own local energy. Or opt out of the global smart grid,  keep the  analog,  not use a r/f  meter  when installing solar, wind, etc. We should rise up locally to take back our energy locally. Many of us have  already made many, many efforts to  conserve, use renewable, practice sustainability, we can not let a technocracy continue to make our immediate environs sicker, and sicker.  


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