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Public Service Announcement: Computers are Evil!

Call the police and get them here quick. My PC is attacking me and our planet. It has caused me to have heart surgery (an Angioplasty") and will soon cost me more as I continue to gain weight and now consider lap band or some other weight loss surgery. It is a major culprit in global warming too. It is evil as it slowly but surely fattens me up for the kill. It is burning up kilowatts of energy. It is relentless in its pursuit, attacking me both night and day with its never ending stream of information. It sucks my brain out and renders me completely unfit after hours and days and weeks sitting in front of it. It deprives me of sleep. Now it is taking my eyesight. It is worse than being sentenced to Guantanamo Bay! My family already thinks I am dead. Someone save me from this killer!

I pledge to turn off my computer 1 full day a week and to not leave it on at night any more. It will not beat me. I will fight back

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