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As we buckle up for the economic turbulence ahead, let’s remember Steinbeck’s message: we can remain who we are, as long as we’re willing to be surprised by who that is.

Every day we can make a choice to live green and below our means. So a trip to the library rather than a trip to the book store. It means having date lunch rather than a date night. Today, you can choose to be alert to the creative opportunities all around us. Look for your own forgotten plots to turn into Victory Gardens.

Leaders exercise and it might be just what you need for the Holidays ahead

Swimming through the house is a great way to maintain upper body strength and get full range of motion. When you realize that your arm is contracted in a handbag position without the purse you need to take an adult time-out and stretch. Freestyle, the frog and the backstroke through the house offers me a vacation of the mind and a body exercise that allows me to be open and connected to the universe.


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