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Change your thinking and lead a thought revolution by participating in the Big Turn off as a worldwide social experiement to take 24 hours off digital media.

The date for The Big Turn Off is 1/1/2011. Will you join me in this effort?

Make this your “New Year’s resolution.” for the a new decade. I would like to think of this as a new decade of where we could have a little more conscience decade of the media we are consuming and doing something everyday to make Indiana greener.

What is the heart of The Big Turn Off?

The Big Turn Off is a worldwide event as a social experiment to encourage people to take 24 hours off digital media. People can define that in different ways. Basically, the idea is to take time off the internet, television, and all kinds of digital media. The heart of it is to explore the results. There is moral judgment, as far as saying that everyone does this to much but people may discover that for themselves. That people are suffering from a media glut. People may discover that. Or they may discover nothing. They may end of thinking everything is fine, it’s all fine. Its for people to decide for themselves. Just taking a certain amount of time for themselves what they are consuming media wise.

This is focused on one central day?

Yeah, there is something that doing it together which makes it significant. I don’t know exactly what that is but to get people together taking a day. I think part of it is especially for younger people the thought that this isn’t even possible. Nobody will take 24 hours off of media, but if we have a large number of people doing it together. There is that idea that, “at least I won’t be alone.”

On a practical level, do you have hopes or suspicion as to what might happen?

As far as a personal agenda, for the sake of full transparency, I think we as a society suffer from to much media and information glut. We have all of this information but it’s not actionable information that effects our lives in any valuable way. We know what’s going on the other side of the globe but as far as how we can do something, it simply becomes interesting table conversation. I think people taking time off of that will give people time to reflect how information comes to them. Perhaps people will tune in a little bit more of what their spouse is doing at work or their kids are doing at school, or what their friends are doing in normal day to day life. And help us bring the focus in a little bit more locally in our lives.

By Aaron Story

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