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The truth about over eating on the Holidays

The truth about over eating on the Holidays.

Here comes Christmas right around the corner. I can perfectly describe what is going to happen to my diet on Christmas. It’s going to be put to the test. That’s ok though because Christmas is only one day and my nutrition is a lifetime. Because I know the truth about over eating, I’m one step ahead. So I am going to share what I know, so you can be one step ahead too.

The truth about over eating is how our body reacts to this massive amount of food. It’s not so much about carbohydrates verses protein on this day as much as it is about quantity verses time.  One of the main reasons holidays are a killer to the elderly is because of this fact, quantity verses the time factor. Thanksgiving and Christmas are the two holidays of the year where over indulging is accepted and welcomed.

Our bodies are delicate machines that run on the food and drink we provide. All the systems are geared towards specific jobs or functions that when in combination make up the complete machine. The stomach is the storage tank where the fuel is absorbed and sent off to the rest of the body. Generally speaking, if you close your hand into a fist, this is about the size of a normal stomach.  When we sit down at the table to eat, keeping in mind about how much food we should consume compared to how much food we do consume is where the breakdown of communication occurs from the stomach to the brain. Another factor is how much time we consume this food in. The more rushed you are, the worse it is on the body.

It usually takes about twenty minutes for the brain to recognize the sensation of fullness in a meal. This feeling is what’s called Satiety. So knowing that the stomach is about the size of a fist and it takes about twenty minutes for the brain to register that it is full, we have a pretty good guideline to follow when we engage upon our eating endeavors on Christmas. The slower you eat, the better off you are.

When the body has to break down a large amount of food quickly, the blood sugar begins to spike. This is the body’s defense to keep the machine running properly. But also when eating too quickly and in large amounts the spike in blood sugar sets off many other alarms in the body which reek havoc on the overall systems. This is usually when you feel, headaches, tiredness and just a general feeling of blah. A lot of heart attacks happen from over eating because the body begins to set off a lot of chemical reactions that put extra strain on the heart muscle to keep up. The bigger the load on the body, the harder the heart has to work to pump the needed blood to keep the system going.

Another good thing to know is once this reaction is in place; it can take several days to get the body back into its properly functioning order. It’s like a chain reaction that needs special attention that lasts for more than just the one day. So when we eat too quickly and in large amounts, the following day and days to come, the body is still trying to catch up. Being in hyper drive from the night before, it is fooled into thinking it needs more by sending off the hunger signal but with the craving for sugar or carbohydrates. If you are not aware of what is going on with the body, this could lead to a very bad habit forming routine that will destroy the progress of good health. Being aware of how the body works makes getting back on track much easier. Also drinking the needed 8 glasses of water for the next week following Christmas will help the body recover much faster.


The best way to get through the holiday is by eating small meals at a time. Give yourself at least 2o minutes to see if you’re full or not. It really doesn’t matter what other people are eating or their opinion of what is on your plate, they aren’t on the same journey as you are. They don’t know what they are doing to their body like you do. So you have a secret weapon on the holidays that will take you through not only this holiday season but many to come, knowledge. So enjoy  any food but remember to eat a little at a time and wait twenty minutes. Also remember our body consists of mostly water, so drink water instead of soda. That will help the body to keep up with your eating by flushing out all the access chemical waste or toxins that build up from over eating. Water may not be the most satisfying but it’s the most natural drink you could provide the body.

Happy Holidays

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