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Hi, and Welcome to my blog about my tiny house adventure. I am posting this blog to share my tiny house experience with others that are interested in the process and to help others decide weather or not it is for them. I am also creating this blog because i would like to document my experience building it and living in it to show others how it is very possible to live simply and still live comfortably.

The reason i got hooked on building a tiny house is mainly my love for the environment and my addiction to finding new ways of living lightly upon the earth. We can live in harmony with the planet and still use all the things you would normally use in a regular sized house. My passion for the planet started a few years ago when i plopped in the DVD An Inconvenient Truth. I was growing in my independent life and wasn't really aware of the destruction i was causing to the environment and what it was doing to me. My awareness of people's actions have multiplied by the thousands since i seen that film. As i developed my new sense of awareness i started to develop a taste for living green. I found a new excitement in life as i found new ways of recreating living styles and re thinking processes and items in my life.

I took this new skill i had of thinking differently and took my new views and put them to action. I started replacing light bulbs with energy efficient CFL's, buying house plants to naturally filter indoor air, replacing inefficient appliances and electronics with energy star rated ones, and even went as far as buying a solar charger for my cell phone. I watched closely what i was purchasing; from food's ingredients, how things were made and how they were packaged, shipped, and even disposed of. There was a site i came across which was very influential in my life. http://storyofstuff.com/ Films like The 11th Hour, and shows like Living with Ed, or new electric car companies like http://www.teslamotors.com/
These were all things that made me think differently and change the way i lived my life in a more efficient and conscious way.

The tiny house movement didn't kick in until my sister mentioned a guy living in a really small space. She mentioned it was really tiny almost like a closet size, She jokingly said, "yea, I know your really sustainable and all maybe you should try it out." I thought nothing of it until she sent me a link to The Small House Society website.
I checked it out and then thought i should dig some more. So, me being a visual person wanted to see some more photos and videos of these so called tiny houses. I went on you tube and found a good amount of visuals that astounded me. These houses were tiny yet beautiful and functional. Not only were they sustainable but they were simple. Simple living in a tiny house on wheels.

It dawned on me that we as human beings should be living simple lives. We go through our busy days worrying about paying our bills paying off our house mortgages and we are never even home to enjoy them. Simple living allows us to live like humans were intended to live. Simply live, no stress, no rushing around paying bills, no worrying about cleaning or even worrying about losing your home to a hurricane. The simple solution that everyone can afford is to build a tiny sustainable home.

The tiny house provides you with power through the sun or wind, and you have no utility bill. Your space is probably less than 100 sq ft so your cleaning that is needed is limited, your work time is reduced because you need less money to pay bills. No mortgage and more time to enjoy life that is passing us all by.

For me this made simple sense and I plan on accomplishing my goal. The home i wish to build is called the Fencl It is made up of 130 sq ft of pure genius and beauty. Jay Shafer's Design from tumbleweedhouses.com. I hope to show you that it can be done and i will bring you along on my journey towards a more sustainable and simple living.

If you want to view more on my tiny house experience, view my tiny house blog http://www.tinyhousesimpleliving.blogspot.com/

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