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Upper Maumee Watershed group may form in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

On September 22, 2009 we attended the Upper Maumee Watershed Informational meeting. Check out their website at www.UpperMaumeeWatershed.com
Jason Roehrig and Abigail Frost spoke about some of the problems and solutions associated with the Upper Maumee Watershed.

They are in the process of starting a watershed group so they can develop a watershed management plan and ultimately gain federal funding to implement the plan.

The Maumee River contributes almost 24% of the water to Lake Erie. 80% of the water quality of the Maumee River is defined by the time it leaves the Upper Maumee Watershed.

This all takes time and as more and more people begin to take notice of the Water Quality of Lake Erie and the Maumee River, then Fort Wayne will begin to be held responsible in the court of public opinion. It is important that Fort Wayne begins to get their arms around the problems they are causing the river. When you add up direct river recreation, fishing, and the effect of a river upon tourism then you realize that this is time and money well spent.

Several big cities downstream drink water from the Maumee River.

Getting an official watershed group is important so that Federal Clean water dollars are unlocked for local use. Be sure to check out the www.UpperMaumeeWatershed.com website and lend your support to this group.

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