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Weight loss and Herbs plus sunshine:

Loosing weight is not an easy task alone. Generally it takes many years to put it on and in the process many bad habits are formed. I have heard several times and personally experienced this myself, how weight and emotions go hand in hand.

There are many different aspects to loosing weight and how to do it. It’s much simpler than you will ever expect it to be. Once you learn a few basic steps, it will melt off like butter on a hot summer day. But I want to address the emotional part first. I think it’s important to balance out those emotions so you can appreciate yourself and all you offer.

When I was at my largest weight in life I was in a terrible marriage. I had just had my forth child and my marriage was already in jeopardy. My emotions were nothing less than horrible. I felt so bad about how I looked and those feelings reflected back to how I lived my everyday. It seemed like no matter how hard I tried; I just couldn’t keep my motivation up to stay on track. I was always down in the dumps. I would loose 10 pounds then a month later, put 20 back on. So I turned to my doctor to help with my emotions. She prescribed Zoloft. I took it and three months later, I had put on an additional 30 pounds. I felt even worse. I stopped working out and basically, I gave up and accepted my fate of being FAT.

I decided to pick myself up, stop feeling sorry for myself and look for more support for my weight loss challenge. I stopped taking the Zoloft and began looking for alternative methods to keep my emotions in check. I know everyone is different and I can only tell you how I made my change in life and not only got my weight under control but my life and health as well.

I started researching online about St Johns wart. It’s a natural mood stabilizer. I did several weeks of research on this one herb and learned every detail about it. I decided to give it a try. I bought it in a mild capsule form. I really did not notice much of a change for the first week. But after about a month of continues use, I did begin to notice a change. They were subtle changes that led to the realization that I was ready to believe in myself again.

My biggest change at this point was to stop hanging around negative or what I call TOXIC people. These are people who try to keep you down when things are looking up for you. There is a few great websites that are positive places to be while you are making your emotional turn around. One is http://www.cafemom.com and the other is http://www.sparkpeople.com I find these two social networks to be very supportive. I like “hanging” out in those places. My advice is carefully looking at who you are associating with and if they are bringing a positive vibe to you. If not, I suggest phasing them out and looking for a new social scene that makes you feel good about yourself. If you like to be with people I suggest looking for a group in your area from http://www.meetup.com

Try St Johns wart as an alternative to conventional medicine. I just know you will enjoy the natural effects it provides for the emotions and how much better on your body it is because it’s a part of nature. As with anything, just stick with it for the best results. I also suggest making it a point to talk about what you’re going through in life and reach out for support. Many men and women struggle everyday with weight and emotions, you might be surprised how you feel after some positive reinforcement. It’s not how we fall that matters, it how we pick ourselves up.

I have my own line of feel good tinctures that are super potent. I personally make them myself and they are 100% safe and natural. Try my St Johns Wart tincture. Just one dropper full a day provides a powerful dose of this herb. For emotional support visit my sunshine and herbs social network. It’s free to join and there you will meet people with the same goals as yourself in mind. http:www.sunshineandherbs.ning.com

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