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GASLAND - (2010) Directed by Josh Fox. Winner of Special Jury Prize - Best US Documentary Feature - Sundance 2010. Screening at Cannes 2010.

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Comment by Ellen on April 25, 2012 at 11:49pm

Different shale plays require different chemicals. The DEC list is all chemical used in all plays. Usually no more then 25 types of chemicals are used at one time depending on the shale formation so although there may be 300+ chemicals, they are not all used. .........  so says energyindepth.com 



Source: DOE, GWPC: Modern Gas Shale

Development In the United States:

A Primer (2009)




Guar gum/Hydroxyethyl cellulose


Ethylene glycol


Sodium/Potassium carbonate


Sodium chloride


Borate salts


Citric acid


N,n-dimethyl formamide






Petroleum distillate



Duke School of the Environment:      Natural Gas, Hydrofracking and Safety: The Three Faces of Fracking Water    

 The Chemical Cocktail of Fracking Fluid

For many folks the big baddie of hydraulic fracturing, also called hydrofracking or fracki... — the mixture of water, sand, and chemicals that's injected deep below the surface to fracture the rock and liberate the natural gas. A typical fracking operation uses between one and eight million gallons of water — that’s as much as 12 Olympic-sized pools. In addition to the water the mixture contains a proppant (typically sand) and a mix of chemicals drawn from a list of more than 700 [pdf]. These chemicals generally make up only about 0.5 percent of the total volume (though estimates differ — see here [pdf] and here), but assuming a total of four million gallons of water were injected into a well, that would translate  into about 20,000 gallons of chemicals.



Comment by Ellen on April 23, 2012 at 12:25pm

Welcome back Leah! It is all about common ground, due process, the key points of environmental law, no ifs, or buts about these key points anymore. Impacts to air, water, soil, which belong to all of us, affect all of us.


Comment by Leah DiMaria on April 20, 2012 at 11:24am

NO Fracking way!! Please join us in the fight to STOP fracking,tar sands,mountain top removal mining,so called 'clean coal' plants-we CAN quit coal!

Support Clean energy alternatives,technology,innovations & legislation.We need a true Clean Energy Policy,on all local & federal levels.

Comment by Eric Stallsmith on April 20, 2012 at 10:36am

It just seems like the groundwater is all tied together like the rivers and oceans are, it just doesnt make sense to me that there would be possible to inject so much water and sand into the ground and not have it interact with the groundwater.  Without knowing the truth I would bet that all the water is connected in ways we do not understand.

Comment by Leah DiMaria on April 20, 2012 at 10:08am

Thank YOU so much Ellen for adding additional information HERE!! I'm still very active on this issue but since I moved to Arizona last year I rarely ever come to this site anymore. I did not delete/remove myself as member for several reasons. One being that I still care a great deal  about issues that affect Indiana, I did not want to loose any posts/content by me such as this one and we do not have' A Greener Arizona' site. Also did not want to loose contact with awesome peeps like YOU! *smile* I do have a lot of updated info. that I didn't even think to add here,so again Thank YOU! Hope life is going well for you & your family.

Take care & I will try to remember to pop in here/this site and add some info.more often..

Hugs x

Comment by Ellen on April 20, 2012 at 9:14am

Meet us in Columbus on June 14th-17th to tell Gov. Kasich: Don't Frack Ohio! Columbus, OH-

 Frustrated after several months of deliberate stonewalling of six bills to slow or halt fracking and deep waste injection, students, farmers, small business owners, and community members ensured their presence was felt as the bills were given their first ever introductory hearing at the Ohio Statehouse yesterday. Activists believe the delay on hearings of these bills is directly linked with the $2.8 million the Gas Industry has poured into the Ohio Legislature, including $213,000 in campaign contributions allotted to Governor Kasich. Hearing rumors that the Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee Chair had no intention of allowing further hearings or opportunities for public comment, activists–many dressed in referee jerseys–packed the hearing room to call foul on the the gas industry’s corruption of the legislative process.

Sign up to be there


Comment by Ellen on April 5, 2012 at 10:47am

The Big Fracking Bubble: The Scam Behind the Gas Boom

By Jeff Goodell, Rolling Stone

03 March 12

It's not only toxic - it's driven by a right-wing billionaire who profits more from flipping land than drilling for gas.

ubrey McClendon, America's second-largest producer of natural gas, has never been afraid of a fight. He has become a billionaire by directing his company, Chesapeake Energy, to blast apart gas-soaked rocks a mile underground and pump the fuel to the surface. "We're the biggest frackers in the world," he declares proudly over a $400 bottle of French Bordeaux at a restaurant he co-owns in his hometown of Oklahoma City. "We frack all the time. What's the big deal?"

McClendon dominates America's supply of natural gas the same way the Tea Party-financing Koch brothers control the nation's pipelines and refineries. Like them, McClendon is an influential right-wing power broker - he helped fund the Swift Boat attacks against John Kerry in 2004, donated $250,000 to the presidential campaign of Rick Perry, and contributed more than $500,000 to stop gay marriage. But unlike his fellow energy czars, McClendon knows how to tone down his politics and present a friendlier, less ideological face to the public. He secretly gave $26 million to the Sierra Club to fight Big Coal, and built a Google-like campus for Chesapeake's 4,600 employees in Oklahoma City, complete with a 63,000-square-foot day care center, a luxurious gym and four cafes manned by cook-to-order chefs. He even voted for Barack Obama because he thought the country needed "an inspirational figure."

At 52, McClendon still looks like the whip-smart accountant he once aspired to be - crisp white shirt, polished shoes, a toss of white hair. To hear him tell it, the cleaner-than-coal fuel he produces will revive our faltering economy, free us from the tyranny of foreign oil and save the planet from global warming. "I have a fossil fuel that makes other fossil fuels obsolete," he boasts. By McClendon's estimate, the industry has drilled more than 1.2 million wells nationwide, yet so far there have been only a few confirmed cases where things have gone wrong - despite dire warnings from scientists and environmentalists that fracking pollutes rivers and streams, contaminates drinking water and turns large swaths of farmland into industrial moonscapes. "Where is the mushroom cloud?' "Where are the dogs with one leg? Where are the people that have been maimed or hurt?"

He sips his Bordeaux; his own private wine cellar once boasted more than 10,000 bottles. It's a good riff, with some truth to it. But what McClendon leaves out is the real nature of the business he's in. Fracking, it turns out, is about producing cheap energy the same way the mortgage crisis was about helping realize the dreams of middle-class homeowners.



Comment by Leah DiMaria on March 10, 2011 at 9:33pm



Please sign this petition to BAN fracking from Food &  Water watch!

Comment by Leah DiMaria on March 10, 2011 at 1:39pm
Personally,I think what Dick Cheney did (and G.W. Bush signed) with the energy bill,is criminal & should be prosecuted!
Comment by Leah DiMaria on March 10, 2011 at 1:34pm

You're very welcome Eric. I hope your Dad  watches the Documentary,reads up on more about fracking. I have been posting on this issue for years! Few people seemed interested in the truth/facts of how devastating this is. Sad & a shame,truly! Have you seen the movie in it's entirety yet? I watched it the day I posted this on HBO. People need to wake up & pay attention to what is really happening in the U.S and Globally & I thank you for creating this site for all of us to do what we can,together for our State & to share information.connect with other like minded people. Learning & teaching on all these issues we all face.

Thanks for the well wishes in AZ. I'm leaving by early next week. 3 days journey on the road with my 3 cats.in the back of my Mom's truck on an air mattress. U-haul in tow. Not looking forward to the moving/travel..will be relieved when it's over & I arrive in Bisbee.


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